Facts for the Traveller

At a Glance

Janda Baik is a village town in Pahang, Malaysia. Geographically located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia(03 31N Longitude 101 55 E). A simple Malay kampong or village with a population of approximately 1000 people. Janda Baik is set amidst a small valley bounded by thick rainforest with cool rushing brooks and waterfalls. Located approximately 45km and about an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, the place is a popular holiday and recreational destination for city folks. Ensconced somewhere between the towering hills of Genting Highlands and the Berjaya Hills resort, it is no surprise that the climate here is much cooler at between 23 and 28 Celsius during the day and below 22 Celsius in the evenings.

"Janda Baik" means "the good widow" in Malay. As the story is told by local folks, in the old days a path that connects Selangor and Pahang beats its way through the village. It was said that a mercenary, who was returning after fighting in a civil war in Selangor stopped at the village for a rest and to nurse some wounds he had sustained in battle. Upon seeing this ragtag team in the vicinity, a kindly widow immediately offered help and tended to the mercenary's wounds. The man was thankful and deeply cherished the kindness. As a mark of respect for this kind widow, the leader of the warrior pack would always advise his men to call on the woman whenever they were in the vicinity.


Getting to the Resort
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Plug Type
In Malaysia, the outlets commonly accept 1 type of plug, the one having two parallel flat pins with ground pin. If your device's plug has a different shape, then you would be requiring a plug adapter. It is always better to get a combination voltage converter and plug adapter, considering your future travel requirements.

Bahasa Malaysia, English

Time Zone
GMT +8 hours

Metric System Voltage 220 volts

Mobile Phones
GSM 900/1800/1900

Citizens of the United States, Canada, and most Arab, Commonwealth and European countries do not need visas for visits of less than three months. You may view entry requirements by country of origin by clicking on the link below.

The Malaysian currency is the ringgit, divided into 100 sen (cents). The currency is abbreviated both as RM and MYR. While credit cards are accepted in hotels and department stores, expect to pay in cash in rural areas.

Hotels and restaurants add a government tax of 6% and a service charge of 10%.

Tipping is not customary in Malaysia.

Banking Business Hours
Most states: Mon - Fri: 9.15am to 4.30pm. Sat & Sun: Closed (Selected banks and branches are open on Sat). Kelantan & Terengganu: Sun - Wed :9.15am to 4.30pm. Thurs :9.15am to 4.00pm. Friday/Saturday*/Public Holiday: Closed

Office Hours
Government: 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
Business: 9.30am to 5pm, until 1pm on Saturdays
Shop Hours 9am to 10pm

Public Health
Ensure that food is well cooked, and consume only bottled mineral water outside the hotel.

Lightweight clothing is ideal. A shirt, jacket and tie are normal business attire. Shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless garments for women are not advisable especially in rural areas

Like the rest of the highlands, Pahang enjoys cooling tropical climate. The temperature varies between 19�C and 23�C. It is generally sunny all year round, with bouts of heavy rain during the monsoon season.